The Tiger Network held its third event with approximately 20 alumni at the DiOrio’s on Baxter Avenue. When the Tigers weren’t enjoying pizza (and a couple of beers), they were able to network and reconnect with old classmates and new friends. By coupling great food and potential business opportunities this networking group has continued to grow.

The next Tiger Network event will be held at WorkShop 1205 E. Washington Street in Butchertown.

To join us at the next event sign up now!


Eric Gunderson, Alex Hinkebein, Chris Boehnlein, James Hewett
Evan Grantz, Ben Fussenegger, Brian Seidenfaden

Michael Higdon watching Sam Galbraith present


Evan Grantz and Ben Fussenegger
Jason Barito, Sam Galbraith and Zack Hodge


Chris Boehnlein talking
Brian Seidenfaden, Zack Hodge, Sam Galbraith, Bill Yancey, Eric Gunderson, Evan Grantz, James Hewett
David Krebs and Alex Hinkebein
Jason Barito, Ben Fussenegger, Michael Higdon, David Krebs

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