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The Tiger Network In J-town

The Fall 2019 Tiger Network event took its show on the road to Jeffersontown in late October. The afternoon was filled with great conversations and a chance for several classmates to reconnect. Many Tigers had a chance to meet for the first time to discuss family, business opportunities, and new hobbies. Special thanks to John Disselkamp and First Class Commercial Cleaning for hosting this meet up.

Attendees at the October 2019 Tiger Network Event

Stay tuned for the next Tiger Network event announcement!

The Tiger Network at Audubon CC

In June the weather heats up and the Tiger Network gets together! 15 Tigers came together to network, meet for the first time or taking the afternoon to catch up with friends. Take a look at some of the pictures from the event below.

The next Tiger Network event will be announced soon!

The Tiger Network at Roosters

A great discussion took place between St. X Alumni on Thursday, September 27th, at the Roosters on Bardstown Road.
Tigers discussed their own businesses, personal goals, and offered assistance to refer and help fellow Tigers with their professional ambitions. The ambition for The Tiger Network is alive and well! Alumni helping Alumni take advantage of the tremendous network provided by our shared experience as Tigers!
Next Tiger Network event is Thursday, December 6th, 11:30-1 @ Spring Street Bar & Grill (300 Spring Street) $10

The Tiger Network At Tim Tam Tavern

The small but mighty-fun group of Tiger Alumni met right across the street from the high school at Tim Tam Tavern this past Thursday evening. Alumni took advantage of great drink prices and delicious appetizers as they reconnected after many years or met for the first time. Join us at the next Tiger Network event, more details to come.

The Tiger Network At Big Spring

Approximately 20 St. X Alumni enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at Big Spring Country Club sharing stories, making connections and building their referral bases.


Dick Mueller tells the group about reclaimed fence projects at The Tiger Network Event
Dick Mueller

Brian Hardesty

Adam Shipley tells the group about Hyland Insurance

Adam Shipley

One member of the Tiger Network group tells about himself in 2 minutes or less
Mike Robison

The Tiger Network Group at Big Spring Country Club in 2018
Jason Barito

The Tiger Network At WorkShop

Pick up a business card to easily keep in contact with group members in between Tiger Network events

Part of the group who came to Workshop for the fourth Tiger Network event.

Will Storck and Ben Fussenegger pose for a picture
Will Storck and Ben Fussenegger

The group participated in 30 second elevator pitches during the event

Eric Gunderson, Dick Mueller and Will Brockoven pose for a picture after the event
Eric Gunderson, Dick Mueller and Will Brockoven

Will Brockoven, Oliver Ray, Zack Hodge, Ben Fussenegger and Will Storck (left to right)

Oliver Ray and Zack Hodge pose for a picture before the event
Oliver Ray and Zack Hodge

Two group members, Alex Hinkebein and Zack Hodge

Sign advertising the Tiger Network that reads "Tiger Network Here"
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Pizza box from Butchertown pizza hall
The group enjoyed pizza and salad from Butchertown Pizza Hall

business cards from those who attended this event and past events from the Tiger Network attendees
Pick up a business card to easily keep in contact with group members in between Tiger Network events.

Part of the group who came to Workshop for the fourth Tiger Network event.

Alex Hinkebein, Zack Hodge, Eric Gunderson and Will Brockoven get a chance to talk

Two members of the group, Jason Barito and Dick Mueller talk before the event begins.
Dick Mueller and Jason Barito have a chance to network before enjoying pizza from Butchertown Pizza Hall

Eric Gunderson and Will Brockoven are concerned over their busted brackets during this March Madness

The Tiger Network Eats Pizza

The Tiger Network held its third event with approximately 20 alumni at the DiOrio’s on Baxter Avenue. When the Tigers weren’t enjoying pizza (and a couple of beers), they were able to network and reconnect with old classmates and new friends. By coupling great food and potential business opportunities this networking group has continued to grow.

The next Tiger Network event will be held at WorkShop 1205 E. Washington Street in Butchertown.

To join us at the next event sign up now!


Eric Gunderson, Alex Hinkebein, Chris Boehnlein, James Hewett

Evan Grantz, Ben Fussenegger, Brian Seidenfaden

Michael Higdon watching Sam Galbraith present


Evan Grantz and Ben Fussenegger

Jason Barito, Sam Galbraith and Zack Hodge


Chris Boehnlein talking

Brian Seidenfaden, Zack Hodge, Sam Galbraith, Bill Yancey, Eric Gunderson, Evan Grantz, James Hewett

David Krebs and Alex Hinkebein

Jason Barito, Ben Fussenegger, Michael Higdon, David Krebs

We’re Growing!

The Tiger Network held its second event on November 28th, 2017 at Check’s Cafe. Alumni from the classes of 1974 through 2010 were in attendance.

With stories to swap and business cards to exchange the event went smoothly and successfully. Networking at the beginning of the event allowed for old friends and new acquaintances to meet and mingle.

The group’s 60-second commercials ranged from business introductions to volunteer opportunities and provided attendees with information about their classmates.

The Tiger Network’s Genesis

Our first networking event took place September 27th, 2017, and went off without a hitch!

The event started and ended on time, with members from a variety of Tiger alumni classes and a good cross section of professions represented.

Alumni owning or representing businesses including insurance firms, home services companies and non-profit organizations were in attendance. They networked, enjoyed lunch and presented their 60 second “commercials” explaining why they wanted to associate with other Tigers – whether it be to promote their business or just make new personal connections.

A special thanks to the Audubon Country Club for the abundance of good food!

Mark your calendars for the next event on Tuesday, November 28th.


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